Raghava Lawrence Views on RajiniKanth

Raghava Lawrence Views on RajiniKanth

Actor/ Choreographer Raghava Lawrence Views on RajiniKanth. Raghava Lawrence takes on Rajinikanth latest Sri Lanka tour. Some people are trying to make Rajinikanth doing anti social for Tamil moments. 

Raghava Lawrence Views on RajiniKanth

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Raghava Lawrence posted a massage about his Thalaivar Rajinikanth in social media, as follows..

In a time when even with some 10 people following people want to start a political party – here is man who has no desire towards occupying any political chair despite having crores of followers and die hard fans across the country.

Secondly with such a fan following my Thalaivar could have easily done one movie in six months and made huge monies, however, he choose to do only movie in two or three years which proves he is not into this just for making monies.

He is probably the only leader who is even by the prime minister of the country in his visits to the state.  one can see his unassuming nature and good will through this.

Even at the peak of his stardom in India and being the most popular actor in country. he does not have any ego nor does he carry any airs about him and he simply desires to only follow his chosen spiritual path. 


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